About me

Over past few years I have built repository of technologies and tools I liked and used extensively in my day to day work. In this blog, I am putting all these best practices and tools so that it will help the people who visit my website.

Please read my blogs and leave me a comment if it was useful. Feel free to ask me questions thru my blogs comment section, I will definitely reply.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Guruprakash S

    Sir i have been following your Blog for Quite long..I found it very Useful and it’s a One stop location for one to keep himself updated on all the latest Java Technologies…

  2. Mitch P

    Hi Krishna,

    I’m a community blog curator for DZone. I wanted to talk with you about potentially featuring your blog on Javalobby. Send me an email and I’ll explain the details.

  3. Azhar_k

    This post is regarding Jumpstart Activiti BPM, Spring MVC and Maven

    hi thanks for the valuable information,

    I have downloaded project from svn . which is running fine in my system without any errors. but the problem is , once the user submits the loan request it is getting saved and reflecting in UI . without the approval manager …why is it so ?? if my understanding is wrong then could you please tell me when it should ask the approval of manager in your loan request application ???

    thanks in advance

  4. santosh Kumar

    Hello Sir,

    I am new to web scrapping. I scrapping using jsoup library.

    I am able to get the data with direct links. My problem is when i want to get the data from ajax posted forms, then i am unable to get the data.

    Can you please tell me how to post the data to ajax based urls and how to pass the data

    Thank you


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