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Physics Engine and HTML5 Canvas

Intent of this blog space: The intent of this blog space is to build a testbed for testing various concept of Physics Engine and modelling computer graphical elements and visually testing them using any device by using Physics Engine and HTML5 Canvas. For the people in hurry,

  • Clink here to see the progress of the testbed
  • Get the latest code of my Github and follow how to setup the application and run locally.

In this blog I would be discussing about what is Physics Engine and what are the various frameworks that supports Physics Engine. I will also be discussing technologies that supports Physics Engine to support HTML5 Canvas. What is Physics Engine? Physics Engine is a computer simulation tool that is used extensively in Game Development, Education Purpose and various applications. A quick YouTube search will yield various links as an application of Box2D. This tool aids in applying all the Physical laws like Gravity, Friction, Force on object displayed on the screen. There are lot of different tools and languages that supports Physics Engine. Box2D API is one of the standard frameworks that is supported in various programming languages like, C++, Java, Javascript, Clojure and Python. And all these tools also support a testbed to write application using Physics Engine and test them in a GUI. There is also a IDE build around Physics Engine called iforce2d RUBE. What is HTML5 Canvas? HTML5 Canvas will become defacto standard for display graphics on the web page. The closest competitor for this is Flash, WebGL. In the next few blogs I will discuss about the architecture of how I built the application, stay tuned.