Measuring flow channel JUnit test coverage in Spring Integration Flow

Test Coverage

In any enterprise integration project there has to be a Business Workflow that needs to be developed and should have proper test coverage. In one  of our largest Spring Integration project, we had to measure how well the Business workflow has test coverage. Spring Integration (SI) is a lightweight framework that has good unit testing support.

Gary Russell one of the leading Spring Integration Architects helped us in designing this framework. The framework does the following,

  • The framework has a class, you need to inherit this class in your SI to get JUnit Test Coverage test with this class. It will wire tap all the channels and count the total channels tested in the SI flow and calculates how many channels the tests are covering and will derive the coverage ratio.
  • We also implemented a Maven plugin, where in we can set the threshold for the build to succeed based on the coverage ratio
  • This framework also consists of the sonar plugin for channel coverage  (contributed by Gary to Github) for Sonar software quality tool. Once you get the plugin, you need to build the plugin as “mvn package”. Take the jar file from the target and copy it into <Sonar Home>/extensions/plugins.
  • Start Sonar
  • In your SI component, if you do “mvn sonar:sonar” it will, push the quality metrics information into Sonar

The report in Sonar looks as below,

Spring Integration Channel Coverage

Spring Integration Channel Coverage

The codebase for the utility class AbstractChannelCoverageTests is checked in @ github . You can see the test class @ src/test/java/org/springframework/integration/test/coverage/ If you notice, in your SI testclass you need to extend this class as follows,

public class ChannelCoverageTests extends AbstractChannelCoverageTests {

void testChannel(){
//testing and asserting the flow

It will load a SI config file @ src/test/resources/org/springframework/integration/test/coverage/ChannelCoverageTests-context.xml and load all the channels and will start intercepting for any payload flow and keep count of it.

As per the above diagram, it will indicate how many channels are missed and it helps in making sure you cover those channels as well.

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