Jumpstart Grails with real life example: Agile Tracking Tool

Recently I wanted to tryout Grails. I was trying out lot of different sample/examples/opensource projects. With the new Grails 2.0.3 upgrades all these applications are not working out of the box including Grails sample. Finally I narrowed down to on opensource project – Agile Tracking Tool. Within an hr or so I was able to make this work on Grails 2.0.3. It clearly demonstrates aspects like,

  • Spring Security
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Ajax using prototype framework

I am also contributing to this code base, by making it working with Latest Grails and I am currently fixing Authentication/Authorization with roles like, admin, scrummaster, developer etc..

To quickly jump start setting up the environment,

  • Download the latest grails @ http://www.grails.org/download/file?mirror=212
  • This assumes that you have Java 6 installed on your machine, and add <grails installation folder>/bin folder to the path
  • Get the latest code @ https://agiletrackingtool.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ using tortoise svn
  • open the command prompt and go to the folder you just now got the code and run grails run-app
  • Open the browser and type in http://localhost:8080/AgileTrackingTool/
  • Login in as scrummaster/scrummaster and load the sample data by clicking the link “Load example project data”, also notice you dont have admin link
  • Once you load the data, you can see some burndown charts etc..
  • Login in as admin/admin, you get the admin link

Next step is to import this project in STS IDE as a Grails project and analysing how charts work, how ajax work etc…

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